Dungiven ‘poor relation days are over’

Sinn Fein Colr. Anne Brolly said the issue of tackling dereliction has been on the minds of local people for several years.

“People did great work painting the buildings last year in Dungiven, but that was just short term, and we need a long term strategy for Dungiven.

“People bought buildings and they’ve been left derelict because of the recession. The dereliction at the bottom of Dungiven town, where a possible site has been identified, if that happens that whole area will be transformed. However, there there are other areas as we come into the town - the an old school, for example, which are in a very bad state and then down the town you have other buildings left neglected,” said Colr. Brolly.

“We are very hopeful and the people of Dungiven are hopeful we can get funding to tackle this. We have had years of neglect in Dungiven and we are nearly the poor relation here in Dungiven, but we are not going to be that way any more.”

Meanwhile, Limavady Borough Council chief, Liam Flanigan says was heartened by the visit of the Environment Minister to Dungiven and Limavady on Friday, and hopes the news from Alex Attwood within days regarding funding to tackle dereliction will be positive for the borough.

“The minister has declared he is very interested in combatting dereliction and he has already put some funding in the direction of the Coleraine area and Derry City so, we’re hopeful he will be able to help us in our drive to combat dereliction in Limavady town and Dungiven, and particularly in Dungiven because it’s outside the Limavady town master-plan therefore it needs particular attention,” said the Chief Executive.

“Council also has a major initiative for a sports/community initiative for the town and we are looking at potential sites in the middle of the town itself and we’ll appraise the minister of that and, so, whatever support we can get from central government for that will all help regenerate the town, as well as provide the first class facilities, which are required, but it will help combating dereliction in the town and therefore all round beneficial.”