Employability - Making an impact

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Despite the doom and gloom of the local economy there are a couple of projects which are making a significant difference to the lives of people who are seeking to find employment / training.

The Job Assist programme has been operating now for over seven years and during that time have helped a significant number of clients move to employment both full time and part time. Job Assist has been able to utilise the strong bond they have with the community sector and have established a strong referral system with these groups which has helped a lot of our clients.

Jobs For Us has been operating for a shorter period of time but has made a dramatic impact on the jobs prospects of their client group. This project has also been successful in creating very strong ties in terms of coordination and cooperation with the local community sector.

There are a lot of benefits to be gained for people to come and work with both of these programmes which are primarily about moving clients forward in preparation for the world of work.

As well as our community contacts we also operate three offices for the public to drop in. These offices are located in Butcher Street, beside Butcher Gate and across the street beside the Tower Hotel. Both projects also use our office in Spencer Road (across from Zest restaurant).

Each of the projects offer:

-Help in identifying relevant training

-Short Courses which will help employment prospects

-Better off calculation (how would taking up work affect your benefits)

-An individual confidential discussion with your personal mentor

-Essential Skills training if required

-A CV if the client does not have one or an updated CV if needed

-A Job Club where you can update your Job Search skills or receive help if needed

We may be able to help with interview / work clothes

Job Assist have been particularly successful over the years it has been operating and we have placed approximately 900 clients into employment.

In conjunction with our community partners we have run additional projects such as the Community Voluntary Programme which gives clients an opportunity to see if work over a number of weeks suits them. This can be completed at their local community group (usually 8 hours a week for 10 weeks). At the end of this they are reimbursed for expenses.

We intend to be proactive over the rest of this year in helping clients gain training and preparation for possible jobs which may be created within the hospitality sector.

Jobs For Us which has been running from May 2011 has also had a very significant impact. They will certainly surpass their targets for this year in terms of both case-loads and into employment. Jobs for Us work with clients who are aged between 16 and 25 who are not in education, employment or training. Whilst it is unfortunate that there are so many clients who have to avail of this service it is at least good and positive that there are projects such as this available to help.

Jobs for Us staff work in a similar way to Job Assist and the services offered are on a par. Job For Us staff are in ongoing consultations with trainers and employers to develop specifically targeted courses which will suit the needs of both client and employer. It is important that clients are able to identify what they need in terms of skills to help them move forward so clients are encouraged to let staff know if there is a particular course that would suit their needs and can then hopefully be offered.

If you would like additional information on any of our programmes or you are unsure of how they would benefit you. Please call or drop into any of our offices and we will be available to answer all your questions.

These programmes are free, confidential and client centred.