Employment support roadshow rolls into Derry

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A team of specialists from the European Employment Services (EURES) Cross Border Partnership is bringing a major road-show for jobseekers and employers to Derry, as part of a regional tour.

The ‘Bus along the Border’ campaign will be at the Guildhall Square on Friday 11th May between 11am and 1pm to provide practical advice and answer queries regarding employment, recruitment and social welfare support on either side of the border.

The mobile unit is staffed by experienced EURES advisors drawn from a range of public bodies including the Department for Employment and Learning Jobs and Benefits Offices, Department of Social Protection Employment Services in Ireland, leading employer organisations, Chambers of Commerce and trade unions.

Organisers said the experts would help bridge information gaps that may be preventing jobseekers and employers in Derry from tapping into roles and markets across the border.

Joe Lavery, Partnership coordinator at EURES, said the:

“The EURES Cross-border partnership was established to help people working in one jurisdiction and living in the other or those who are considering crossing the border to work or recruit. Our team of advisors are trained to deal with all issues relating to working or hiring on both sides of the border.

“The specialist team we’ve assembled provide confidential information, advice and placement services for jobseekers keen to look across the border for work but are unsure of opportunities or have anxieties about issues like taxation or how social security entitlements may change.”

“The Partnership also supports employers interested in accessing a larger pool of potential employees by engaging jobseekers on both sides of the border. Critical advice and guidance on a range of cross-border recruitment issues is available to all employers in the border region,” he added.

The Partnership is also engaged in a number of activities designed to make it easier for people to travel across the border to work or train and for organisations to recruit staff living across the border.

It has, for example, coordinated for the cross-border exchange of vacancies between DEL jobs and benefits in Northern Ireland and DSP Employment Services Office in the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.

As part of the larger European Employment Services network the EURES website currently carries vacancies for tens of thousands of jobs across Europe which would especially be of interest to those who are mobile.

Advice and practical information for cross-border workers and employers is available at www.eures-crossborder.org or by contacting Joe Lavery at joe.lavery@delni.gov.uk or +44 (0) 75 0001 7268.