Fancy a Shipquay Sherbert?

Legenderry Licks
Legenderry Licks

Local tourism body Visit Derry has announced the launch of a sweet new addition to the city’s tourist gift shop based around some of Derry’s top attractions and features.

Legenderry Licks is a brand new range of traditional sweets, chocolate, fudge, lollies and rock, all with a local flavour. Available in collectible jars and special bags, the new range of handmade sweets are designed as gifts or souvenirs for friends or family.

A spokeswoman for Visit Derry said of the new food initiative: “Each and every one of our Legenderry Licks are themed around the historic city – each one designed to evoke that simple taste of home.”

Among the lollipops and sweet treats being offered at the Visitor Centre are Guildhall Squares, chocolate covered honeycomb items. There are also Candy Stripes, Ebrington Squares (rocky road chocolate) and zesty Shipquay Sherberts , as well as ‘burny’ Brandy Drops .

The new range is the latest addition to innovative ways of promoting local produce.

There have previously been ‘Derry’ Milk Chocolate bars produced locally, while local sea and river produce, meat and homegrown vegetables now form a large part of menus across the region.

The Farmers’ Market in Guildhall Square and the annual Flavours of the Foyle Festival have helped promote local produce, while a number of craft beers and ales are now also being produced locally.

A number of new homegrown businesses have been developed around the growing food and drink industry in Derry and the north west, which established hotels, restaurants and cafes have tailored menus to include more local produce.