Fort George to be decontaminated by 2014

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The long awaited decontamination of Fort George is scheduled for completion by March 2014, experts have said.

Belfast consultants WYG are due to publish a risk assessment on contaminants at the former British army base to Derry City Council next month, followed by two final remedial strategy reports by October.

Michael Boyd told a press conference held by urban regeneration company Ilex - which is overseeing the redevelopment of the land - that several contaminants were identified following extensive on-site investigations. These include arsenic, lead, hydrocarbons and Japanese knotweed.

However, he added that the investigations “had not identified any significant contaminants over and above what was expected”.

He said that the decontamination of the area of the site where a proposed science park is to be built is to be “fast-tracked”.

Laurence McCullough, of Ilex, said the construction of the science park is expected to begin in mid-2013.