Fuel stamp sales soaring

More than £100,000 worth of fuel stamps have been sold since the saving scheme started in the Roe Valley 10 months ago.

The Roe Valley Fuel Stamp Saving Scheme is funded by the Public Health Agency and Limavady Borough Council and is delivered by Limavady Community Development Initiative, LCDI.

LCDI Manager, Damien Corr says it’s with the help of local retailers, they have sold £105,000 worth of stamps to date.

“The scheme has proved consistently successful since its launch in late December 2011,” he said this wek.

Despite the steady sales, LCDI are urging people to remember the hard winters in recent years and not to get caught out.

“Now is a good time to stockpile your fuel stamps, when the cold snap hits you will have saved enough to pay for the oil,” said Mr. Corr, who said fuel stamps also make “very practical Christmas gifts, especially for the elderly”.

Jaqueline Glass from Limavady Borough Council, encouraged everyone to consider fuel stamps, “The soaring cost of heating oil and other household fuel is something that affects the whole community, and this scheme is a fantastic way of preparing for winter,” she said.

Delighted the scheme has been embraced by people from right across the Borough, Ms Glass praised the continued involvement of the local retailers who pay for the stamps up front and do not make one single penny profit from the scheme.

“Without the commitment from the retailers, the oil companies and LCDI, the scheme could not succeed, and all concerned should be very proud of themselves,” she said.

William Mitchell from Ballykelly Post Office said he was happy to hear the scheme is doing so well.

“The Post Office is an important part of the community and we are pleased to be able to offer this excellent service to our customers,” he said.

Mr Corr said the concept could not be easier.

“Customers buy the £5 stamps and save them on a card, when they want to; they simply exchange the card for fuel,” he said.

Details of the scheme and the participating retailers and oil companies can be found at wwwlcdi.co.uk/fuelscheme or call LCDI at 77769160.