Gambling our way out of recession

The massive increase in numbers attending gaming arcades along the Inishowen border - particularly at Bridgend - has led to one leading addiction expert stating that many people were now looking for quick fixes to solve their growing economic difficulties.

Fr. James Sweeney said there was ‘absolutely no doubt’ there was a massive increase in gaming.

“It’s not just the gaming arcades. “The national Lottery has a ticket to suit all pockets, any thing from one euro to ten euro. And the more people find themselves in trouble the more the compulsion to gamble, to think that you can win to solve your problem. And as we all know that doesn’t happen.”

A registered and qualified addiction expert Fr. Sweeney said the addiction to gaming can take hold much quicker and much more easily than most people realise

“Before many people know it the money for gambling takes precedence over money for the essential like food and fuel. It’s serious”