Getting your teeth into something new at Collon Dental Care in Derry

Collon Dental Practise manager Erin Lynch..  (DER3113JB229)
Collon Dental Practise manager Erin Lynch.. (DER3113JB229)

A trip to the dentist can be daunting for us all at times, but a dental excellence group have invested training in a new treatment coordinator service to help patients gain a better understanding of treatments and needs long before ever seeing the dentist.

Collon Dental Care’s business manager Erin Lynch - who has 19 years experience of working in dentistry - has now been fully trained as the go-to person for this free service for patients both old and new.

Erin, who has been Business Manager at Collon Dental for six years now, explains that the treatment coordinator service is unique to the Dental Excellence Group and creates a new one-to-one service of complimentary consultations. Erin will be on hand to answer all questions and allay any concerns about dental work, with her free consultations now available in the evenings and weekends too, ensuring patients receive an exceptional standard of care.

“This free service is completely new, even to Northern Ireland, and has been welcomed by all our 
patients so far,” Erin Lynch tells the ‘Journal’.

“It basically aims to make the whole patient journey easier from start to finish for our patients and it’s been going really well for us. The coordinator assists the patient in deciding on the best treatment to improve both the function of their teeth but more commonly on the overall appearance of their smile. They are assisted with a finance package suitable to their requirements, and the coordinator provides after care service in discussion with the client and dentist.”

With Collon Dental Care also accepting new patients too, this service will 
prove invaluable.

“The new one-to-one free consultations make it easier for patients to decide on their best course of treatment without feeling under obligation in any way,” Erin continues. “Sometimes people can feel under pressure when talking to the dentist about these things or they don’t come back because they’re embarrassed about their financial situation, so now I can help them arrange a financial plan or a personal payment plan that suits them best. If necessary, patients can get treatment on a part-payment, part 
finance basis, if that suits them better.”

With such a dynamic team of six dentists at Collon Dental Care, each specialising in a different aspect of cosmetic dentistry, they can now ensure that all clients are introduced to their highly experience and friendly clinicians.

The range of services included are general dental care, replacement of amalgam fillings to white fillings, whitening, implants, cosmetic crowns, bridges, veneers, contouring of teeth and the Six Month Smile (Straight teeth in 6 months).

“We have a specialist, Dr Jill McDowell, who specialises in the Six Month Smile which is a new American system that’s proving very popular.

Instead of the patient wearing braces for one or two years, they can straighten their teeth with these new, less visible braces over six months. We have also started doing implants too, with our specialist Dr 
Eldred Julius, which are very popular too.”

“We can also give patients a wider range of choices too, putting them in touch with the perfect dentist or specialist to suit their needs,” Erin adds.

“Patients are pleasantly surprised at the services we can offer and the prices we charge in comparison,” added Erin.