Glitch could see Derry firm face legal action

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A Derry based firm whose software glitch led to hundreds of items being sold for 1p on Amazon could find itself the subject of legal action by a number of businesses in the US who’ve lost tens of thousands of pounds.

One American based businessman who contacted the Journal this week said he had lost around $60,000 because of the problem and claimed he was being ignored by ‘Repricer Express’, the Derry company whose software glitch caused the problem.

The Derry company issued a statement in December apologising for the glitch. At that time, its CEO Brendan Doherty said he was “deeply sorry” for the disruption. However, the American businessman who spoke to the ‘Journal’ claimed the local company have since “been impossible to contact.”

“We’ve been left with no option but to go down the legal route,” he said.

“I spoke to lower level staff at Repricer Express several times who all said the same thing: they were sorry and RE was in discussion with third parties and would get back in touch with us. But we have had no definitive contact from them and very few updates.”

The businessman told the Journal he had first noticed the problem when dispatching orders to customers in December. Since then, he said the glitch has cost him an estimated $60,000 dollars in losses.

“It’s really not acceptable that Repricer Express appear to be refusing to take responsibility for this,” he said. “The fact that they’re not even able to get back to us when, as business people, we’ve lost thousands of dollars, is just ridiculous. A number of us, as business people, have spoken to one another and we feel we’ve been let down and left with no option but to pursue the option of legal action.”

The business owner, whose company buys store returns and liquidation lots at auction, said he had built his business from nothing and claimed that the Repricer Express glitch had “almost cost him everything”.

“I lost my job in April of 2014 and, then, started this business. I am lucky to still be in business - there are sellers out there who are now having to lay off staff or close the doors due to the losses,” he claimed.

In response, Repricer Express gave the following statement to the Journal: “It has been widely publicised that pricing issues occurred in relation to a restricted number of sales of goods to the public using the Repricer Exress service. Repricer Express, in conjunction with other interested parties, are investigating the cause of the issues experienced and and are fully committed to a resolution.”