HMV staff vow to fight on

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The HMV staff in Derry’s Richmond Centre store are fighting tooth and nail to keep their jobs, and the shop open.

This week they took to Facebook to start a campaign that involves an e-petition and they’re hoping that if they can show the support is there, that the administrators may re-consider their decision to close the store.

Spokesperson for the staff, Assistant Manager Tony Cregan, told the ‘Journal’: “We are fighting for our jobs and we are trying everything in our power to keep the store open.

“Some people have said we’re ‘flogging a dead horse’ but the administrators have told us that it’s a very ‘fluid situation’ and if there’s any hope there then we’re fighting on.”

Tony has worked in the store since it opened in 2003, and he said in the ten years since just four staff have left, mostly to pursue further education.

“That’s what the store means to the staff, once they start here they don’t want to leave.”

He also said he felt the store was needed in the area. “If you think about it, there’s nowhere to buy DVDs, CDs and games other than HMV.”

And while he admitted that the store wasn’t making a lot of money, they were “breaking even”.

More than that, he feels the store provides a much-needed service. “Everyone keeps saying that people have moved on-line but I don’t feel that’s the case in Derry. On-line shopping is a luxury for those that can afford a home computer. For many in Derry that’s just not possible.

“We also have a large proportion of regulars, especially the elderly and people with special needs. For them, their weekly trip to HMV is a day out. I could nearly tell you what people will be coming in on each day, they are that loyal.”

At the time of going to press the on-line e-petition had 442 signatures. You can find the link to show your support on the Derry Journal Facebook page or click here