Hotels in city are ‘excellent value”

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Hotel rooms in Derry are among the lowest priced in Ireland, according to a new industry study.

The Hotel price Index, a a regular survey of hotel prices in major destinations across the world carried out by, suggest the average hotel room rate in Derry was €82, €10 below the national average of €92.

Kate Hopcraft from the says a stay in Derry offers “excellent value” for visitors.

“Despite being named the UK capital of Culture for 2013, Derry’s prices dropped. However this drop can largely be attributed to an improved euro to sterling exchange rate.

“At an average of €82 per room per night, Derry is offering excellent value for both domestic and international visitors,” she said.

More generally, this is the third consecutive year that room rates have risen following steep declines in previous years. Killarney (€107), Galway (€97) and Dublin (€93) have the highest costing hotel rooms.