HR brought in to deal with Firstsource issues

The First Source building at Springtown Industrial Estate. DER0115MC008
The First Source building at Springtown Industrial Estate. DER0115MC008

Human resources officers from other Firstsource sites have been brought in to deal with the ongoing suspensions of what’s believed to be around 90 workers at the Derry call centre.

A spokesperson for the company have confirmed that “in the interests of fairness to everyone” the “independent investigation” was now being dealt with by personnel from other centres.

It’s also been confirmed that the company met with the workers affected this week in the first stage of the investigation process, although a Firstsource spokesperson emphasised that the meetings were not disciplinary.

It’s believed the first stage in that investigation is now nearing completion although the company are not expected to present an outcome until further discussions have taken place.

Daniel Laird, one of those workers suspended, told the Journal he had attended a meeting this week and had made clear to the company the stresses the process had had on him and others to date.

He said: “I put forward to them in the meeting the way in which I and other agents had been “pulled” in front of other colleagues and that there was no confidentiality between the agents and management on this. I also made the point that people feel embarrassed and that they were made an example of which will make their return to work all the more difficult should we be allowed to return to work.

“I also mentioned that some workers where told that they where being suspended that day and informed that at the next meeting they would be dismissed which has given the impression to them and others that the sentences have already been handed down with no opportunity to defend themselves. The company have noted this and will hopefully be taking it into account in the future.” Mr. Laird said he was pleased the investigation was an independent one. “Credit where credit is due to Firstsource for conducting the investigation with the independent body and looking into the manner in which this was handled,” he said.