Inishowen Forum backs rail link up

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A leading member of the Inishowen Civic Forum has claimed Donegal has to have its rail link restored.

“If the European market is to be fully exploited, then areas like Donegal have to be accessible,” said Brendan Flanagan .

He was speaking at the launch of a new campaign in Letterkenny on Friday last which is seeking to get links restored to counties unserved by rail.

“You’re talking about connectivity,” Mr Flanagan explained.

He said Letterkenny is the only one of the nine gateway towns and cities identified in the national spacial strategy not connected to the national rail system.

Mr. Flanagan said the objective would be first to link Derry to Letterkenny by rail, then through the north to Dublin. He said the last leg would be to bring the service from Letterkenny to Donegal town and from there link up to the western rail corridor.

Committee members also said it was significant that the Northern Ireland executive last month published a consultation paper on future railway investment that for the first time projected extensions of the northern rail network into the republic.

A delegation from the initiative plans to meet later this week with David Franks, chief