Job cuts not the answer to new living wage: HR Team

Breda Cullen.
Breda Cullen.

Increased staff productivity and not redundancy is the best way for employers to off-set the impact of the introduction of the National Living Wage, say Derry-based human resources experts HR Team.

Many employers in NI and across Britain are dreading the impact of the introduction of the minimum wage increase to £7.20 on April 1, with some shedding staff as a direct result.

However, employers should refrain from such a knee-jerk reaction and take steps to increase staff performance and productivity rather than drastically re-structuring workforces, says HR and employment law advice specialists HR Team.

HR Team Managing Partner, Breda Cullen, said: “Proper training, effective communication and the adoption of robust management practices are all triedand tested methods of increasing productivity and turnover in organisations.”