Jobs monitor forum ‘needed for Derry’

Tommy Mullan from the Galliagh Residents' Association.
Tommy Mullan from the Galliagh Residents' Association.

A Derry community worker has called for a forum to be set up to hold politicians to account over job creation in Derry.

Tommy Mullan from the Galliagh Residents Association told the Journal that it was a crying shame young people were being forced to go abroad and take their talents with them because of what he said was a failure of politicians to secure jobs for the area.

He said that the demise of industries such as shirt and textile factories, shipping and dock work, bakeries, and very little coming in by way of replacement, meant people were facing a dire situation when looking for work.

“You see young people leaving school with nothing to look forward to, young people with degrees having to move abroad for work, young people getting involved in anti-social behaviour, and you have to say to yourself, ‘what are the politicians doing?’”

Mr Mullan said that the job opportunities for people in the Greater Shantallow area was particularly bleak, and hit out at the moves to block the Tescos development on the Buncrana Road to go ahead.

“That’s hundreds of jobs for this area,” he said, adding: “Our area has really suffered big time with job losses.

“There needs to be some sort of a forum set up for people to get together and hold people to account; hold the politicians to account, because year after year it is the same old story.”

Mr Mullan said he wanted to meet Enterprise and Investment Minister Arlene Foster when she comes to Derry.

“I want to tell her the people of Derry are all good people.

“There is nothing coming down to this neck of the woods.

“Who is there to challenge these people? Whoever is representing Derry has done very little.”