Keaveney calls on support for local business

Senator Cecilia Keaveney has encouraged small and medium sized companies locally to investigate what Enterprise Ireland can do to assist them.

Sen Keaveney hopes local businesses in Inishowen can link with targeted public contracting authorities to maximise their potential for job creation as agencies seek value for money, efficiencies in systems and other technology solutions.

The Moville Senator thinks people may not realise the solution can often be found locally:

“I have been informed that not all small businesses that could tender, do tender for public sector contracts.

“Public sector organisations need to build stronger relationships with the Government’s job creation agency, Enterprise Ireland. By doing this they can improve their procurement practices. They can also get a better grasp of what locally grown expertise is around them.”

EI works with targeted public contracting authorities nationally and at local government level. Managers have bought into the idea of participation with small businesses where tender opportunities has been boosted.

“Over 70 of EI client firms have been linked with public bodies developing a number of programmes that will improve service delivery. Where technology-led solutions are needed, linking Irish small companies to the person with the problem can drive that solution, better value for money, and/or efficiencies for the company.”

An example given is the cluster of Enterprise Ireland clients who are engaged around opportunities for the design, build and management of infrastructure supporting the ESB’s rollout of electric cars:

“I would appreciate feed back from companies on the help that they have received when seeking support from the state job creation agencies. It is vital, in the context of the very many new support programmes being rolled out, that firms do seek that information from Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, the County Enterprise Board or Leader.

“Knowledge is power and for best potential growth, our companies should become fully aware of public sector procurement opportunities,” concluded Sen Keaveney.