Law Society chief gets Magee role

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The President of the Law Society in Northern Ireland has taken up a new post at Derry’s Magee University.

Brian Speers has been appointed visiting Professor of Law at the University of Ulster’s Derry campus.

As President of the Law Society he has been focussing on encouraging solicitors to consider mediation as an alternative means to resolve disputes.

Mr Speers, who as well as holding the Presidency of the Law Society is a managing partner with Belfast based law firm CMG Solicitors, says he is delighted to take up his new role.

“In Northern Ireland and indeed globally there is a growing awareness that mediation, in appropriate cases, presents a highly effective and cost efficient way to resolve business and personal disputes.

“It is important to ensure that young people entering the solicitors’ profession are equipped with the necessary skills to mediate.

“I am therefore delighted to have been appointed to a Visiting Professorship at the University of Ulster, Graduate School for Professional Legal Education and I look forward to drawing on my knowledge of mediation in helping to shape future law professionals.”

Dr Paul Mageean, the University’s Director of Studies of the Graduate School for Professional Legal Education, says Professor Speers’ “extensive experience, and unique understanding will make a valuable contribution to our teaching and research.”