LBC give €30,000 to Lough Foyle ferry

Limavady Borough Council is to provide €30,000 towards the Magilligan to Greencastle ferry service, the Journal can reveal.

The decision was made by councillors, in committee, when they met on Tuesday.

A Council spokesperson said: “Following discussion on the Ferry service between Magilligan and Greencastle, Council agreed to provide 30,000 Euro towards the operating costs of the service. This matches the level of support agreed by Donegal County Council.”

SDLP councillor, Michael Coyle said of the service: “I think it is very important as it has been long fought for and very useful. It has been difficult in the last period where the number of people using the ferry has dropped but, bearing in mind, it is very difficult to drop a service and then try and reinstate it. There are great financial implications and, in many cases, you don’t get the level of service or the quality you had before.

Colr. Coyle added: “We are working on the ferry in a short term, but that doesn’t guarantee that this time next year there will be a a service between Magilligan and Donegal.”