Lidl urged to treat workers in north with ‘respect and equality’

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Lidl workers in the north should see the same pay rise as their colleagues in England, Scotland and Wales, a Sinn Fein MLA has said.

Raymond McCartney says the pay rise, recommended by the Living Wage Foundation’s (LWF) and due to take effect next month, should be implemented in the north as well as in Britain.

“While I welcome Lidl’s decision to implement the LWF recommendation of £8.50 an hour in England, Scotland and Wales it is disappointing that it does not intend to treat its employees here in the north with the same consideration.

“It is an accepted fact that the cost of living here is much higher than it is in Britain and employers, particularly multi-nationals who operate here must show social responsibility by recognising this fact.

“I would urge Lidl and other employers to adopt an equal pay for equal work approach and reward their employees here on the same pay scale as elsewhere.”

Last week Lidl said said they already offer “attractive wages” in the north and added that they will “monitor all discussions” concerning the living wage here.

“Lidl NI, which operates independently of Lidl GB, currently offers attractive wages for all staff members. These wages are reviewed annually and as such in August 2015 Lidl NI increased the hourly wage paid to staff, to ensure they were in line with the proposed living wage for Northern Ireland, “ a spokesperson said.

“Lidl is proud to have an exceptional team who are instrumental in driving the success of the company, and we acknowledge their valued contribution by paying wages which are amongst the best in the sector. Store Assistants working in Lidl NI earn up to £8.60 per hour.

“Lidl NI continues to monitor all discussions and proposals in relation to the living wage in Northern Ireland and will review and update accordingly when required, “ the spokesperson added.