Linking Inishowen with Derry’s City of Culture

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Business representatives and community groups from around Inishowen are being invited to attend a 2013 City of Culture Briefing on Monday June 25 at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana at 7pm.

The event is the joint initiative of Inishowen Tourism, Buncrana Town Council and the City of Culture Team aimed at informing businesses and community groups about the programme of events being organised for 2013 and potential social and economic opportunities they present for Inishowen, as Derry’s main hinterland.

Inishowen Tourism have already taken the unique step of appointing Jennifer O’Donnell as City of Culture & Trade Liaison Officer, a dedicated resource that will strengthen Inishowen’s communication and working partnership with Derry in the run up to and throughout 2013.

Jennifer’s role will ensure Inishowen benefits from key strategic tourism development and marketing opportunities the City of Culture represents; increasing visitor numbers to Inishowen, developing the Peninsula’s tourism offering, improving transport links with Derry, identifying and joint marketing initiatives.

Commenting on the City of Culture Briefing, Lee Tedstone, Chairman of Inishowen Tourism said: “2013 is set to be a landmark year of change for Derry and its hinterland, therefore it is vitally important that Inishowen engages and is prepared to reap the huge benefits the City of Culture Programme represents in terms of delivering economic and social development throughout the peninsula.

John McLaughlin, Buncrana Town Council Manager believes the City of Culture Briefing is an excellent way of allowing the Inishowen businesses and community groups to engage directly with the Culture Company and what significance that will have on their respective businesses and community projects.

He added: “Events such as the All-Ireland Fleadh in August 2013 and the Turner Prize in October 2013 will have a direct impact on Buncrana and Inishowen in terms of potential visitors, bed nights etc. due to the high volume of visitors these particular events draw”

Similarily the City of Culture team are happy to have the backing of their Inishowen neighbours.

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Culture team, said: “We are delighted Inishowen Tourism and Buncrana Town Council are supporting City of Culture 2013.The Inishowen Peninsula’s connectivity with Derry-Londonderry as its natural social and economic hinterland means Inishowen stands to benefit by being part of something that will reach a worldwide stage. It also offers a unique opportunity to explore the shared history and cultural links that Derry has with Inishowen and will forge a partnership, between the city and peninsula, that will resonate for years to come ”

As well as the up coming Briefing in Buncrana, Inishowen Tourism plan, in the coming weeks, to hold three community group workshops throughout the peninsula to identify possible community projects that will compliment the City of Culture offering.

To register for the City of Culture Briefing please contact: Jennifer O’Donnell, City of Culture Officer, Inishowen Tourism Tel: 074 9362602 / E-mail:

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