Majority of Waterside House jobs saved - union rep

NIPSA representative Liam Friel. (0312MM15 )
NIPSA representative Liam Friel. (0312MM15 )

The majority of jobs which were under threat at the civil service pensions department at Waterside House have been saved, union representatives have said.

There had been concerns that up to 80 staff could lose their jobs as part of a reform of the operation and the introduction of a new computer system.

However, union representatives at the office said staff were told this morning that the majority of jobs are now safe.

Liam Friel, a NIPSA shop steward at the pensions branch said workers are “relieved” at the development.

“Staff were called into a meeting with the head of the division and were informed that the Finance Minister Simon Hamilton has signed off on the preferred option which was to retain the majority of the jobs at Waterside House.

“Unfortunately, there will be some job losses, possibly around 12, but it is hoped that natural wastage will make up this number,” he said.

Mr Friel said the public campaign to save the jobs had paid off. “The union fought hard on this and we had the support of all the political parties and of Derry City Council. We would also like to thank the public for their support. It has really lifted the mood in the office and we are happy the campaign has been successful,” he added.

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney welcomed the development. “This is welcome news and will ease the minds of the workers there, particularly in the run up to Christmas. I want to congratulate everyone involved in the campaign to ensure theses jobs were retained in Derry,” he said.