Murray says Derry-Donegal link-up could sort out waste

Inishowen-based councillor Jack Murray says there is are particular waste management problems in the villages of Killea and Bridgend but if the Derry and Donegal councils work together, then they could find a solution to the problem.

After speaking to both his Sinn Fein colleagues and Derry City Council members, Colr. Murray said there was a willingness to work together.

“Problematic sewerage treatment plants in developments in the border villages of Inishowen are a nightmare for hundreds of local families. Some treatment plants were installed as temporary systems prior to connection to the council’s system. However, with the council’s system full to capacity, and with no funds to upgrade it, these temporary plants have buckled. This has created serious environmental and health risks in many developments. These health risks need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

“Whilst the ideal solution would be for central government to adequately fund local authorities to fix the problem, this is not going to happen anytime soon. The government is cutting funding to local authorities, rather than supporting them.

“Therefore, we need to be pragmatic and look at other possible solutions.

“Having discussed this issue with my Sinn Féin colleagues in Derry City Council, it became clear that there may be methods to address this - and similar problems in Derry - through cross-border co-operation between our two councils.

“As such, I moved a motion at our monthly council meeting calling for a cross-party delegation from Inishowen, along with senior council officials, to meet with Derry City Council, to discuss cross-border solutions to these problems.

“Whilst there was some opposition from local Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil politicians, I am glad that this motion was passed and the meeting will take place as soon as possible.