Northern Lights boost tourism

The Northern Lights in Inishowen captured by Inishowen Photography.
The Northern Lights in Inishowen captured by Inishowen Photography.

The recent appearance of the Northern Lights throughout the skies of Inishowen has had a positive impact on tourism businesses across the Peninsula, it’s been revealed.

Inishowen Tourism have been inundated with enquiries regarding the Northern Lights in Inishowen and have seen a dramatic increase of approximately 600% in visits to their website

Inishowen Tourism worked hard to get information and images taken by local photographers out to local, national and international media.

It also went viral on Social Media through Facebook and Twitter and was picked up by journalists all over the world including Italy and Canada.

Speaking about the impact this has had on the local tourism industry, Rina Douglas from the Malin Hotel said: “The impact the Northern Lights had on the Hotel and other local B&B’s within the area was fantastic.

“We had people coming long distances from Dublin, Kildare and Cork. It’s amazing how many people came to the area just to see the Northern Lights!

“We don’t realise what a unique product we have right outside our doorsteps until you hear the enthusiasm from travelling guests.”

Hugh Farren from Farren’s Bar Malin Head said: “There has been a steady increase of visitors to the bar and the Malin Head area in general.

“The Northern Lights is the topic of conversation with locals & visitors alike with everyone very excited about the potential opportunity it can bring to the area.”

Astronomy Ireland advises, the further North you are the better chance of viewing the Northern Lights and  they can be seen more dominantly  in an area absent from light pollution, making Inishowen the best place in Ireland to see this dream-like extravagant.

Visit Inishowen have put together a step by step guide to chasing the Northern Lights in Inishowen, which will allow you to determine the best time to head north in search of the Aurora Borealis which can be viewed at

Siobhán Kelly, Marketing Assistant from Inishowen Tourism said: “This is a very exciting time for tourism in Inishowen, the Northern Lights is a unique jaw-dropping spectacle and is something that is on alot of people’s ‘bucket list’,

“The unfortunate thing about the Northern Lights is that you cannot predict when you will be lucky enough to see them, however alot of Irish people travel as far as Greenland and Norway in the hope of seeing this solar phenomena, so we are hoping that they will now opt for the more convenient option and travel to Inishowen.”