Now’s your chance to create your own ‘biosong’ at CultureTECH

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An interactive music project that produces a unique ‘biosong’ will have its official launch at this year’s CultureTECH.

The brainchild of Belfast based company Sensum and named ‘Mu_’, the project uses body movements, emotions and heart rate to compose a song - and an artwork - via a range of sensors.

The company’s CEO Gawain Morrison said they are delighted to be bringing the project to Derry.

“We enjoyed showing Sensum off at Culturetech last year as well as presenting a panel on the future of physiology engagement with media.

“This year we’re really looking forward to demonstrating what that kind of engagement might look like in a fun way using the latest version of the Sensum platform.”

Sensum, who specialise in measuring customer response to media, say Mu_ puts the user in the role of conductor and orchestra - how the artwork and music is produced is entirely up to you.

Mu_ will be appearing at the Foyleside Centre on September 13 and 14 as part of the weeklong CultureTECH digital festival.

Meanwhile the University Ulster has also announced their £3.5million Honeycomb – Creative Works programme ,a multi-million pound cross-border fund aimed at supporting the creative industries, is to be unveiled during the festival. (See page 10)