One in five homes have switchover troubles

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As many as one in every five Derry households have had problems with their televisions since the digital switchover, it has been claimed.

Andrew Monk of Starvison Aerials says October’s switchover has been the single biggest source of difficulties in his 35 years of working with televisions.

“For a lot of people it has just been a nightmare and nothing like as simple as they were led to believe,” he told the ‘Journal’ this week.

He says the main bugbear is the loss of access to RTE’s channels caused by the analogue signal from Holywell Hill being switched off. Now the digital signal from Sheriff’s Mountain or Limavady carrying the RTE channels are only received via specialist equipment such as a Saorview box, a Saorview ready TV or Sky. Andrew says people were not made aware of the need for extra equipment.

“People were getting a perfect signal until this was switched off. Now even those who thought they were ready for the switchover are being told they need new equipment. There’s a lot of frustrated people out there,” he says.

A spokesman for Digital UK confirmed new equipment, compatible with the new signal type, is now needed to get RTE. More info is available online at