Police drive gives Ballykelly business boost

Betty McNerlin of Ceres, Ballykelly. 2709sj2
Betty McNerlin of Ceres, Ballykelly. 2709sj2

A Roe Valley training and education group says the latest PSNI recruitment drive has provided them with a “wonderful bonus”.

When recruitment was made public last week, one of the criteria to be eligible to apply was an recognised IT qualification, including ECDL.

At Ceres Europe, which is based in Ballykelly, Betty McNerlin says since the application process started they’ve had a lot of enquiries about whether they offer such a qualification.

“It came out on the news on Thursday so, on Friday, we started receiving a lot of calls,” said Betty.

“People were obviously checking for their nearest ECDL testing centre and our name came up, and between Friday and Saturday we had 10 calls and more since, so we are busy.”

Betty says they’re aware of the PSNI’s closing date and says they are working to accommodate learners, by staying open late on week nights and for the next two Saturdays.

“We are doing our best to be able to facilitate members of the public and within that time frame,” she said. “We looked at the criteria set for applying and we have asked ourselves exactly what the criteria is so, we know what it is, so we can guide learners towards what they need regards the ECDL. We can let people know instantly if they have passed or failed as we do the marking here ourselves.”

Betty says the new business is a “wonderful bonus” but says people, if able, should get a recognised IT qualification as many employers require one nowadays.

“What really gladdens my heart is that people realise they need the qualification and they shouldn’t be looking for it for free; just go and pay for it and invest in your future,” said Betty.

Betty added: “We do all our marking here, whereas if it’s done online the computer won’t be so forgiving.” For information call Ceres at 028 777 64429 or email info@cereseurope.com