‘Positive future’ for Strand Bar site

The Strand Bar in Derry.
The Strand Bar in Derry.

The owners of the Strand Bar complex in Derry have confirmed the popular night spot has indeed closed its doors - but only in preparation for the announcement of a major investment to the city.

Concerns were raised on Friday after the doors at The Strand Bar remained closed but Brendan Duddy Jnr of the Duddy group said the closure was to allow for “precontractual works to be carried out pending the announcement of a big investment to the city”.

“This will be a good news story,” Mr Duddy said, “and we hope to be able to make a big announcement within a matter of weeks.”

Mr Duddy said that management within the Duddy group were working to redeploy staff from the Strand Bar complex to other businesses in the town.

“We understand this is a difficult time for some staff, but this is not the case of another bar closing.

“This is making the way for something very positive for the Strand Road and Derry.”

It is hoped that the plans for redevelopment of the site will be made public before summer.