Priceless Shoes closed

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Priceless Shoes, which had two stores in Derry, shut its doors for the final time two days before Christmas.

Staff at the shops located in the Richmond Centre and Waterloo Street were said to be devastated when they received orders from administrators on December 23 to close down.

The ‘Journal’ understands that staff received a phone call from the joint administrators of Barretts Priceless Group and the stores shut their doors to customers for the final time a few hours later.

The closures led to eighteen job losses.

One former employee told the ‘Journal’ she was devastated to learn she would be losing her job days before Christmas.

“The administrators publicly announced the closure of all the concessions a week later, but did not announce the closure of Priceless Shoes in Derry or the other stores in Northern Ireland.”

The employee added that staff in Barretts shops are now “jumping every time the phone rings” because they fear they could get a similar phone call ordering them to close down.

“It is scary to be out of a job after one phone call and there are no other jobs out there in the retail sector. I don’t know what I am going to do.”