Protesting workers reject Tesco claims

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Workers at the Muff based Rock Shop Fittings Services International who have been involved in a highly publicised dispute with Tesco have issued a press statement disputing claims made by the retail giant.

The Rock workers, 100 of whom have recently been put on ‘protective notice’ by the company, say claims made by Tesco are ‘disrespectful’

The workers stated: “Tesco have issued a statement which states that two of the tenders which they recently gave out were awarded to what they term and we quote “ Irish entities “

“We have conclusive evidence which proves that one of the tenders awarded was given to a French International company which is owned by very large global company called H.M.Y with their head office located in Paris .

“This company have had exclusivity for works in Tesco stores in the south of Ireland for 14 years with no competitors.”

The workers also claim to have what they describe as ‘definitive proof’ that the company who were awarded the other tender R.M.S are also a large global foreign company

“Neither company is what Tesco describe as “ Irish entities” and we have definitive proof of this .”

They also accuse the company of issuing ‘misleading statements’.

“This is gross irresponsible corporate behaviour from Tesco and a high level of disrespect towards the elected representitives of both jurisdications here.”

They have also taken issue with the Tesco claim that their tender process is transparent, stating: ‘The Tesco tender process is anything but transparent’ querying how despite being cheaper they are losing out.

“Again we have documented evidence to prove this .

“We have evidence which clearly indicates that our company is an average of thirty three per cent cheaper than the global company who were awarded the works .”

The workers concluded that Tesco are engaged in a ‘globalisation’ strategy where larger volumes of work can ensure higher profits but this comes at the expense of smaller local companies.who are the backbone of any economy

They say it also contradicts the Tesco public stance of supporting local companies in the communities in which they trade.

“We appeal to all please help us in this battle to save local companies .

“ We cannot do it without your support, make Tesco live up to their obligations.”

It is feared that another 50 workers could lose their jobs.