Public sector strike: NIPSA confirm organisations that are coming out

NIPSA members on a previous picket on Derry's Spencer Road.
NIPSA members on a previous picket on Derry's Spencer Road.

On the eve of a major public service strike NIPSA, which will include public sector workers across Derry, NIPSA has confirmed that members in Local Government, Housing Executive, Libraries NI, Education, Youth Justice Agency, NSL (Traffic Attendants) and other areas will be on strike on Thursday 10 July in firm rejection of the Employers’ Side offer of 1%.

Alison Millar, Deputy General Secretary, NIPSA stated: “Members have voted to reject the Employers’ Side offer of 1%. Quite frankly members have had enough. Their pay has effectively been cut by over 20% in real terms. Members’ take home pay buys less and less every year. Thousands of NIPSA members have told NIPSA that they are continually having to depend on in-work benefits such as Housing Benefit and Tax Credits just to make ends meet. Others tell us they have to borrow money from friends, family and pay day loan companies to meet their monthly bills. It cannot make sense that public sector workers are having to have their pay supplemented by in-work benefits. Surely the local government employers can see this. NIPSA calls on the NJC Employers’ Side to return to the negotiating table and get involved in serious negotiations to resolve this dispute.”

NIPSA will be joined on Thursday by members from UNITE, GMB, UNISON, SIPTU and PCS. This is the first major public sector strike since 30 November 2011.

If the Employers Side do not return and involve themselves in serious and realistic negotiations then no doubt more members will be on strike in the early Autumn.