Qubizm aims to boost maths around world

A specialist education company from Derry is being assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to grow business outside Northern Ireland for its innovative product.

Qubizm launched ‘Izak9’, an innovative way to engage children in mathematics, at a recent learning technology exhibition in London.

The product was developed by Qubizm with research and development assistance from Invest NI, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The assistance enabled the company to work with the University of Ulster and a group of local companies to create and test a fully working classroom prototype.

Franz Schlindwein, Qubizm Managing Director and founder, says: “Our Izak9 product is based on my conviction that the best way to encourage uptake in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based subjects and careers is to empower children with confidence and build their skills in mathematics when they are young.”

He adds: “When children reach the middle years of primary school, they no longer learn through play. The curriculum becomes more structured and the learning more solitary, especially as children move closer to the transfer process in year seven.

“In year eight, pupils have been separated from their established peer group and are faced with many new challenges which regularly result in a drop in performance.

“Children are particularly vulnerable at these times, often losing their appetite for learning. If we want them to have a passion and enthusiasm for mathematics, making it a subject of choice and not a curricular imposition, then we need to engage children by using resources that are stimulating, rewarding and fun.”