SDLP: Dallat confident of Belfast-Derry hourly train service

SDLP MLA for East Derry, John Dallat.
SDLP MLA for East Derry, John Dallat.

The SDLP spokesperson for Transport, John Dallat MLA, met the new chief executive of Translink, David Strahan, where he asked for an explanation for delays involving the two trains in the North West this morning,Monday, November 24, 2014.

The 6:10am train from Derry was delayed while another service out of Portrush was cancelled. Following the discussions Mr Dallat expressed his enthusiasm that he could now work with translink to secure an hourly train service between Belfast and Derry.

The representative for East Derry said: “This level of disruption is unacceptable and I look forward to an explanation and a commitment that action will be taken to avoid repeats. More than 2.2 million people, many of them commuters use trains in the North West. These are people who voted with their train tickets and saved this line from closure.

“My discussions with Mr Strahan were very positive and I believe I can work with him to bring about the hourly service between Belfast and Derry that we all want

“I hope this marks a new beginning and that serious effort will be made to ensure that those officials in the Department of Regional Development and particularly the directors of Translink have the experience, expertise and knowledge to be the catalysts for change that is urgently needed to bring the Derry Belfast railway up to a level appropriate for a critical section of all-island rail network.”