Senior jobs going at City of Derry Airport

City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038
City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038

Nine senior positions within City of Derry Airport are being done away with, it was confirmed today.

Voluntary redundancies are now being sought among the top tier of people employed at the airport, with four high-level employees still to go.

A further five managerial or supervisory posts have already been done away with through a process of ‘natural wastage’, which it is understood involved vacated posts not being re-filled.

The number represents over 10% of the entire workforce at the airport, with 84 people employed there on a full-time basis, alongside a number of casual positions which are the equivalent to another five full-time staff.

A spokeswoman for City of Derry Airport said that the company has carried out a review of the organisation and staffing numbers and is “currently progressing with a new structure that will reflect the current challenging aviation and economic climate”.

She said: “While the Airport has achieved a significant reduction in the subsidy paid by Derry City Council to operate the facility over the past three years, issues relating to Airport Passenger Duty, which is levied at £13 for a departure within the UK as compared to the abolition of a similar albeit lower tax from the Republic, on top of recent decisions by airlines to reduce operations leading to an expected reduction in passenger numbers over the summer and winter seasons, had initiated them to review the current structure.”

He added: “The reduction in passenger numbers has necessitated a review of the organisation and staff numbers at the airport and resulted in a new structure that reflects these challenging times.

“We have identified that a number of posts at all levels within the organisation that should be reduced to enable the airport to be leaner and reflect the reduced passenger numbers and operating schedule whilst ensuring continued year on year reduction in operational subsidy.”

She confirmed that CoDA intends to achieve the remaining savings through voluntary redundancy, “with every effort being made to avoid compulsory redundancies”.

Discussions between affected staff and unions have already commenced, with negotiations are expected to continue over the coming weeks.