Sky TV in discussions with Firstsource over suspended workers

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Executives at Sky TV have confirmed this morning that they are in discussions with Derry based call centre Firstsource over the controversy surrounding the suspension of over 100 staff.

Sky maintain the discussions are focused on “allegations of incorrect processing of sales by some agents.”

The call centre agents affected have now sought the advice of local trade unions over claims of immediate suspension at Firstsource in the city.

In a statement, a Sky spokesperson said: “We are currently in discussions with our partner FirstSource regarding allegations of the incorrect processing of some sales by a minority of agents although there is no evidence at this time to suggest that customers have been adversely impacted. We take all such allegations very seriously whenever customer data is involved and appropriate investigations are being undertaken.”

The Journal understands that all meetings between the the Firstsource staff affected and their management have been postponed for a week while an internal investigation takes place.

A spokesperson for Firstsource has said the investigation is continuing.