Tesco protests will continue

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The boss of a Cross Border buinsess says his workers will continue their campaign to save their jobs by picketing outside Tesco stores.

Martin McCafferty of Rock Shop Fittings said the campaign was having some effect on the multi national as they had suggested a meeting for September 12 but as they had not lifted the threat to workers livelihoods the battle would go.

Mr. McCafferty confirmed that the stragegy is to embarrass the company into doing the ‘right thing’.

He told the ‘Journal’: “ In our commercial agreement the last paragraph states ‘Tesco will always look first to see if we can complete the works before allocating to non- Irish companies ‘“. However, this is not the case, according to Mr. McCafferty, in practice.

“Over the duration of our commercial agreement a large French company ,International, with complete disregard for our commercial agreement have been allocated all works in the Republic and indeed were also given total exclusivity for the previous 12 years while our company was denied the right to tender.”

Mr. McCafferty said he employed 150 between Derry and Muff and they produced quality products and were working 10 euro an hour less than the French company.

“Tesco don’t like publicity like this as customers can then vote with their feet. We are trying to embarrass them into doing the right thing.“

With support from local politicians the issue is to be raised both in the Dail and in Stormont in the coming days