Trade Unions challenge politicians on jobs


A Derry Trade Unionist has challenged those standing for election and re-election in Derry to speak “lay their cards on the table” in terms of their stance on the ‘doggedly high’ unemployment rates in the North West.

Liam Gallagher of Unite spoke yesterday after the most recent unemployment figures revealed dropping numbers on the live register across Northern Ireland generally. However the figures revealed that Derry continues to top not only the Northern Irish unemployment table but also UK tables.

“The fact that these numbers remain doggedly high is worrying and it is amazing that politicians do not seem to be taking this issue on board. There is an election looming and this should be the most important issue on their agendas.”

Mr Gallagher said he would challenge all those standing for election or re-election to outline exactly what their plans are to tackle the unemployment problem during the coming electoral term and to “explain what they have done to tackle this issue during their previous tenure”.

“This applies to those running for local council to those running in the European elections,” Mr Gallagher said. “There have been a number of measures put in place by the assembly but we have yet to see the benefits of those in the North West. There have been a couple of high profile, good quality, job announcements in Belfast but are yet to have this reach Derry.

“We are now in a position where a high number of our young people are leaving Derry in search of jobs elsewhere because they simply do not see a future for themselves in their hometown.

“I fail to understand why our politicans are remaining so silent.”