‘Transparency’ needed on jobs created in Derry

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SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has called on Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster to provide “more transparency” on Invest NI’s performance in Derry.

Since 2011, Invest NI has promoted nearly 800 jobs in Derry. However, when Mr. Eastwood pressed the Minister on the number of actual jobs created, she declined to divulge what she termed “commercially sensitive” data.

Job promotion is when a company tells Invest NI it will create a certain number of jobs by a future date.

Information revealed by Invest NI shows that Fujitsu Services Limited and the Convergys Corporation promoted 510 jobs in Derry in 2013/14 while, in 2012/13, Allstate NI promoted 200 jobs.

Mr Eastwood recently asked Minister Foster to detail the number of jobs created to date and when the remainder will be created.

In response, she said: “Information relating to job creation is commercially sensitive at business level while a project is still ‘live’. Therefore, such information on specific companies will only be made publicly available once a project is complete and the control period has ended.”

Mr Eastwood said: “Arlene Foster has made numerous job announcements in Derry over the years but we’re still waiting for her to confirm if any of these jobs actually exist yet.

“She cannot tell us if any of the 800 jobs have been created. Furthermore, she cannot give any indication as to when we can expect these jobs to be created.”

“A job is not a job until it’s created. A job is not a job until someone is employed.”