TV station for Limavady ‘a joke’ - Mayor

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Limavady could get its own dedicated television channel, but the borough’s Mayor has blasted the idea as ‘a joke’ describing it as “a waste of money”.

The British Government had identified Limavady and Derry as being among 65 locations across the North and in Britain to be considered for the move. The locations - chosen because they have the appropriate transmitter coverage - have now, however, been whittled down to 21. Ofcom has now invited bidders to sumbit applications for licences to run local TV services in the 21 cities and towns. While Limavady or Derry were not among the 21, the regulator also identified 44 other possible locations where local TV services were technically feasible, including Limavady and Derry. They said they had received an expression of interest from a potential local TV operator.

Should plans ever move towards creation of a TV station locally, Mayor Sean McGlinchey said he would not be in support of it. He says the Roe Valley area is well served by the print and broadcast media.

“Definitely not, we don’t need a television channel,” he told the ‘Journal’. “There is more than enough coverage through TV and radio and papers, regional and local. The money would be better spent on creating jobs and attracting investment into the area. It’s a joke.”