Ulster Bank slammed

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Local Ulster Bank customers affected by a major breakdown of the bank’s computer system during the summer are set to be compensated for inconvenience caused by the software glitch.

In details released on Fridaythe bank revealed that customers will receive £20 if they visited the bank from 19 June - 18 July and made a transaction.

Others who were inconvenienced but did not visit the bank during that period are being urged to contact their local branch and explain how they were affected.

The bank has been heavily criticised by politicians and business representatives who have described the compensation package as totally inadequate.

Foyle MP Mark Durkan said:“In the aftermath of the computer debacle and PR failures of June and July the Ulster Bank have now come forward with a restitution and compensation scheme which is overdue and underwhelming. Customers need to be given greater personal assurance about the substance for themselves and the seemingly uncertain procedures and requirements on themselves still involved.

“Ulster Bank staff who were put in an invidious professional position need to know and show that their bank is serious and proactive about customer restitution and customer retention.

“The bank needs to provide clearer, surer answers to the concerns of its customers and the questions and suggestions of consumer advocates and public representatives.

“We want the bank to restore the position of its customers (both business and personal), re-engender customer goodwill and public relations, and work harder to repair the reputational damage to themselves and their sector here.”

Sinn Féin Northlands Councillor Barney O’ Hagan has said that the announcement of compensation details from the Ulster Bank is too little, too late.

Councillor O Hagan said:

“Many people in Derry have been eagerly anticipating the details behind Ulster Bank’s much publicised and long overdue compensation details. Frankly, it is too little, too late.

“While it is welcome that these details have finally been released, I can see no reason why such a simple scheme has taken so long to put in place.

“When senior management of the Ulster Bank appeared before the Enterprise Committee at the start of July, they assured those there that these details would be ‘finalised over the next few days’ but many customers will be outraged that it has taken nearly two months for this scheme to be put in place.”

“Ulster Bank’s management still have serious questions to answer and I expect that both the Enterprise Committee and the Finance & Personnel Committee will want to engage with them in the coming period,” he added.