Your Say - Action needed on rising petrol prices

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A Derry MLA has called for action on the price of fuel at petrol stations.

Sinn Fein’s Raymond McCartney says the price of fuel is “placing ordinary people in Derry and elsewhere under severe pressure “.

His comments come after petrol prices hit an all time high.

“This will be further compounded by the fact that the British chancellor is set to raise the tax on fuel by three pence per litre in August.

“The simple fact is that these high prices will stave off any economic recovery and place extra and severe pressure on households across the north,” he says.

Sinn Fein are to put a motion to the Stormont Assembly tomorrow calling for the transfer of of powers on fuel duty

With fuel prices and other costs of living getting ever higher, we want to know what worries you most - is it rent or mortgage payments, or the cost of energy bills?

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