Cable Street couple are 
“living in fear”

Nadine McCormick and her father, assess the damage to her Cable Street home earlier this week. (CS0404AQ01)
Nadine McCormick and her father, assess the damage to her Cable Street home earlier this week. (CS0404AQ01)
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A woman whose house has been attacked five times inside four weeks says she no longer feels safe in her home.

Nadine McCormick claims, because of the spate of attacks on her Cable Street home, she has had to move back in with her mother.

In recent weeks, attackers launched missiles through the upstair windows at the back of Nadine’s house but last weekend she was sleeping with her partner in the downstairs living room when a brick was thrown through the window.

“To say I am afraid of living here is an understatement. I am living in fear. Even standing here doing the interview with you now in broad daylight is making me nervous.

“My boyfriend moved in with me after the first few attacks but now it’s just not safe for either of us to be there.”

“I just want these people to leave me alone and let me get on with my life,” she said.

John Donnelly from ‘Time2Choose’ called on those behind the attacks to stop and stated that anyone with any grievance should contact the group and they will try to resolve the situation.

“We are calling on all individuals who are involved with attacks on this couple to refrain from any further incidents.

“We have spoken to neighbours who have been affected by these attacks and they are sympathetic to the couple.

“Our organisation will be arranging for practical assistance to be given to the couple. We accept that there has been activities in this property that have not been condusive to the community that they have chosen to live in. However, our community has always protected the vulnerable in society and in this case the couple have asked for our help.

“As co-ordinator for the ‘Time2Choose’ project we have been working with the couple for the last three months. We have been in contact with the Housing Executive and Social Services.

“We are calling for attacks on this couple to stop and for them to be left in peace and hopefully ‘Time2Choose’ can facilitate a multi-agency approach.”