Cable Street home attacked for sixth time

Jim McCormick and his daughter Nadine survey the damage to Nadine's home in Cable Street. (CS1504AQ01)
Jim McCormick and his daughter Nadine survey the damage to Nadine's home in Cable Street. (CS1504AQ01)

The father of a woman whose house has been attacked six times in several weeks has called on those responsible to stop.

Jim McCormick’s daughter, Nadine, was forced to leave her home and move back in with her mother when missiles were thrown at her windows two weeks ago.

However, Jim contacted the Derry Journal to say the house had been attacked again on Saturday and in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“My daughter has been terrorised by the whole thing.

“She can no longer stay in the house and she has had to move back home with her mother.

“It’s a disgrace what’s happened and I would call on those behind the attacks to stop immediately before someone is seriously injured.

“The attack on the house at the weekend was the last straw as far as I am concerned. Thankfully no one was in the house at the time but where will it end?

“It’s impacting upon local residents too - no one should have to live like this.”

One Cable Street resident who lives nearby said the spate of attacks was having a detrimental affect on her mental health.

“I suffer from mental health issues and each time Nadine’s house is attacked I always think I am next.

“What will they do next? Petrol bombs?

“They need to stop these attacks. They have no place in the local community.”

Local SDLP Councillor for the area, Sean Carr, said he had been contacted by the McCormick family and he was in the process of trying to arrange alternative accommodation.

“I would wholeheartedly condemn any attack of this nature.

“The woman at the centre of this incident should not have to live in fear.

“The family have contacted me and in turn, I contacted the Housing Executive to see if we can get the situation resolved before it develops into something more sinister.

“I would also urge anyone with information about this incident to contact the police,” said Colr. Carr.