‘Calamity Jane’ cast search call

Doris Day in one of her most famous roles - Calamity Jane.
Doris Day in one of her most famous roles - Calamity Jane.

It seems like only a short while ago that Letterkenny Musical Society (LMS) brought the curtain down on this year’s production of ‘Oliver’, but already, it’s time to start preparing for next year. There’s been a fair bit of speculation about what show is planned for 2013, and now it’s been confirmed that it will be ‘Calamity Jane’.

It’s planned to perform the show in An Grianan Theatre next year from February 26 to March 2, with the first rehearsal and auditions taking place at St Bernadette’s School, College Farm Road on Tuesday September 4 at 8pm.

As ever, the society looks forward to seeing old faces, but even more importantly, welcoming new friends.

“Every year after a show, people say “I wish I could do that,” said spokesperson for the LMS.

“Our response is always the same. “You can!

LMS director Billy Patterson has a knack of finding and honing talent”.

The spokesperson continued: “Not everyone wants to sing solo, and that’s fine. No-one has to. We’ve long believed that the chorus is the backbone of a musical, and in most shows, the bits people remember are the rousing choruses rather than the solos.

“For those that do want to step forward, all roles are open for audition, and will go to the most suitable person, be they a 10 year veteran or someone who has just joined. If you are interested in a particular role, it would be helpful if you thought about the character and prepared a verse or two of one of their songs, but that’s by no means mandatory.

“It’s hoped to get a large number of people at the first rehearsal/audition on September 4, and begin the painstaking process of assembling a cast and chorus which will meet the standards that LMS has set, and that audiences expect.

Those not familiar with the show will find plenty of resources and summaries online, including clips on YouTube.

It centres on Calamity Jane, a tomboy, scout and stagecoach security guard with a tendency to exaggerate her gun toting exploits.

The show beings in Deadwood saloon ‘The Golden Garter’, where the proprietor’s attempts to bring in young, desirable actresses and singers to perform prompt Calamity to go to Chicago to bring back superstar Adelaide Adams. Needless to say, she brings back the wrong woman, and all sorts of shenanigans ensue!

Featuring songs such as ‘Deadwood Stage’, ‘Windy City’, ‘Secret Love’ and ‘Black Hills of Dakota’, this is a feel good romp of a musical at a time when we all need something to feel good about. Rehearsals are on a Tuesday night in the main, extending into other nights as showtime approaches.

Songs will be sung, tea and buns will be consumed and craic will be had.

If you’ve always wanted to do it, then do! Come join us in St Bernadette’s School on Tuesday September 4th at 8pm.