Call for new bus service to Rossnagalliagh

Sinn Fein's Sandra Duffy
Sinn Fein's Sandra Duffy
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Sinn Féin Derry representative Sandra Duffy has expressed concern that there is still no bus service going into the Rossnagalliagh area.

Ms Duffy said residents from the estate have to walk to either the Glengalliagh Road or the Buncrana Road if they needed to get a bus.

She said: “Whilst this may be ok for some residents, for others who have a disability or young children this inconvenience can be very problematic and can result in residents choosing not to go out at all, which in turn can increase feelings of isolation and loneliness for these residents and contribute to poor mental health.”

Ms Duffy has now written to Translink to ask for a reassessment of the route and said she hopes that they will include a bus stop at the entrance to Rossnagalliagh in the near future.”