Call for thousands to attend peace vigil in Derry

Derry’s City Centre manager has called for thousands of people to attend a peace vigil in Guildhall Square at 11am tomorrow morning.

Jim Roddy, who is also Chair of the Unity of Purpose group, said the vigil has been called in the wake of this morning’s shock murder of a man at Shipquay Street.

City Centre manager Jim Roddy.

City Centre manager Jim Roddy.

Mr. Roddy said: “We want everybody who can make it to Guildhall Square tomorrow morning to turn out in opposition to this act.

“It is time the city stood up and said stop this, the city doesn’t want this, the city is a different place, the city will not be dragged back.”

Mr Roddy is asking employers to let their staff attend and for school principals to let their students out, as well as anyone else who can make it.

He continued: “We all must stand together, and state - if you hurt one of us, you hurt us all.

“No matter who is responsible for this act, we have a man murdered at the end of a barrel of a gun once again in the city. We are telling them to go away, we will not stand for this any more.”