Call for traffic solution for Caw Roundabout

Caw Roundabout. (DER0614PG072)
Caw Roundabout. (DER0614PG072)

Speaking after receiving further correspondence from the Regional Development Minister Kennedy this week, SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan and Councillor Martin Reilly say residents and road users have waited long enough and it’s time for TransportNI to take action on traffic issues at the Caw Roundabout.

SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan said: “For a number of years now my SDLP colleague Councillor Martin Reilly and I have been battling with Transport NI to address the ongoing speeding problems and access delays at the Caw Roundabout.

“Residents and road users persistently complain about the lengthy delays approaching the roundabout and have expressed their concern at ongoing speeding issues. While I acknowledge in the Minister’s letter that the traffic survey has been carried out and that further investigations are being carried out, after such a long period of time local people need more tangible solutions brought forward.

“Given the success of the lighting scheme at the Culmore Roundabout at the other side of the Foyle Bridge, the SDLP are keen to see similar traffic management options explored for this area of the Waterside.

“I welcome the Minister’s assurance that it is ‘hoped’ a solution can be found early in this financial year but I am concerned that his following line expresses that delivery will be subject to availability of funding. This issue cannot be placed on the back burner, once a solution is identified, after residents have struggled to get this problem investigated in the first place. Given the location of the roundabout, as a main route in and out of the City, Transport NI must prioritise its safety and effectiveness for road users.”