Call to change voting law to allow northern votes

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson has called on the Irish government to allow Irish citizens living in the North to vote in the presidential election.

She took part in a demonstration at Stormont this week with an MLA from each of the six northern counties, calling on Fine Gael to live up to its pledge of extending the right to vote.

Ms Anderson said; “The Good Friday Agreement enshrines the rights of the people in the North to hold Irish citizenship but they are not entitled to vote choose our President and the Dublin government is perpetuating that discrimination.

“Fine Gael made a manifesto commitment in the last election to allow Irish citizens to vote in presidential elections in embassies around the world and we want this extended to include the north. I am calling on them now to enact this pledge.

“An amendment to the constitution is all that is required to allow the citizens of Ireland to vote for the President of Ireland.

She said the change should be made in time for the next election.