Call to save 28 cats abandoned in house

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre have issued an urgent appeal for animal lovers to come forward and help find homes for 28 cats left abandoned in a Derry house this week.

Helen Davies said the centre took a call from a local landlord on Monday to say that his tenants had moved on, leaving eight cats behind them. However when Helen and her team visited the house they discovered 14 cats. The following day they had a call to say there were more again and on Wednesday they took yet another call.

All in all 28 felines of varying ages have been recovered from the property in the Northland Road area and are now in the care of the Rainbow Rehoming Centre. “Needless to say it has put a huge strain on our resources to take in the cats and to worm and deflea them, but more than that we are worried about the ongoing health of the animals.

“They are used to being in a home environment and some are already showing signs of stress being at the centre which will eventually make them sick.”

Helen said they wanted responsible pet owners to come forward who feel they can offer a good home to the cats. If you feel you could offer a home to one of cats then call the Rainbow Centre on 02871 812882.