Call will ‘fall on deaf ears’- claims Gary Donnelly

Leading Dissadent Republican Gary Donnelly
Leading Dissadent Republican Gary Donnelly

A prominent Derry republican has dismissed the call from local politicians for armed groups to end their campaign as “nothing new.”

Gary Donnelly, a leading member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, said he believed the call would fall on deaf ears.

“There is nothing new in constitutional nationalists and unionist parties calling for an end to military resistance to British rule. There have also been similar appeals from Popes, presidents, trade unionists and Peace People in the past and their call was not answered and I’d imagine that this call will meet with a similar response.

“People with influence would be better suited to address the causes of conflict rather than vilifying those who are engaged in it. If this does not happen we will be going round in circles and we will repeat the mistakes of the past 800 years.

“These people have called on groups to lay down their guns but what they do not mention is that most of the weapons seen on the streets of Derry are being carried by members of the British colonial police force.

“Those making these calls are strangely quiet when it come to calls for these guns to be laid down,” he said.