Calls for public to support suicide awareness concert at Forum

Derry’s public has been urged to support a tribute concert in the city dedicated to all those who have lost their lives to suicide.

The third annual concert ‘From the Heart 3’, is to take place in the Millennium Forum on Friday July 8

The concert celebrates the life of organiser and producer Bebe Johnston’s son Eamonn, who tragically took his own life on July 11, 2007.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan urged the public come along and support the cause to raise suicide awareness. He made the call after it was revealed that the North experienced a record high suicide rate in 2010 - 313 deaths.

“The high incidence of suicide in Derry in recent years - in particular among our young people - is devastating the families and friends of victims and shocking the whole community.

“This is a profound issue where we literally have to come together - different agencies, churches, professionals, community groups and families. Through this important annual concert, Bebe Johnson is determined to do just that - bring people together to talk openly and honestly about suicide and mental health issues so that we can encourage our young people to do the same,” he said.